Friday 8 October 2010

IP Valuation seminar: a chance to visit Budapest

IP Finance has learned from Hungarian Patent Office (HPO) economist Peter Kaldos that there's a highly useful seminar coming up shortly.  "IP Valuation for Technology Transfer".  Organised by the World Intellectual Property Organization together with the HPO, the event takes place on Thursday 28 October. According to the conference blurb,
"The efficient transfer of technology to industry partners is increasingly a key objective for many research institutes and universities. Valuing technology created as a result of R&D activity can assist with creating successful partnerships and with the technology transfer process [it can also assist in destroying successful partnerships, if it's not properly handled].
The purpose of the seminar is to discuss how IP valuation tools and methods can be used by research institutes and technology transfer offices (TTOs). The aim is to bring together experts in technology transfer and IP valuation, to initiate discussion, and to call for increased cooperation in this field.

Issues addressed will include: When and why is IP valuation relevant for research institutes and TTOs? Is IP value a good indicator of whether research funding is efficiently allocated to R&D projects? [This question could occupy the whole day, given a chance] The optimisation of the technology transfer process by using IP valuation tools. How can the results of an IP valuation assist with decision-making related to R&D and patenting? communicating the significance of research results? out-licensing technology? forming spin-off companies and joint ventures? bringing in investors and increasing capital? efficiently allocating funding to R&D projects by calculating IP value?".
Speakers are Dr Robert Pitkethly, of the Said Business School and Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre, Oxford, Theo Grünewald (Steinbeis-Transfer-Institute, Berlin, Germany), Dr István Molnár (Szeged-BIOPOLISZ Innovation Services Ltd., Szeged, Hungary) and Peter Kaldos himself.

For further information and for registration, click the seminar website here.

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