Wednesday 14 October 2009

That seminar ... and some expressions of thanks

A fuller report on today's seminar, "IP rights and the UNCITRAL secured transaction project: the draft recommendations and their potential consequences for British lenders and IP owners", will follow on this weblog in due course -- and before I post it I should add that I'd welcome comments from those present, since my organisational responsibilities caused me to miss some of the contributions.

At this point all I'll say is this:
* The main speaker, Spiros V. Bazinas (Senior Legal Officer at UNCITRAL secretariat), set out the project's aim and purpose, with a particular focus on IP financing and the UNCITRAL IP Supplement. This meant that he was on his feet and speaking/responding for the best part of three hours. The fact that he did so, dealing with some very tough questions from IP and banking interests alike, was hugely appreciated. Thanks, Spiros.

* The chairman (Professor Graham Penn) and the panellists -- Ben Goodger (Rouse Legal), Mark Bezant (LCI) and Nigel Page (Finance Editor, Intellectual Asset Management) -- took the time and trouble to turn up an hour before the event and discuss the main issues in some detail, to facilitate the smooth running of the seminar. Thanks, all of you.

* Further thanks are due to the volunteers who have served on an informal basis to promote interest in IP securitisation and to inject some urgency into its consideration by rights owners, licensees and their professional advisors. These include but are not limited to Eva Lehnert, Dawn Franklin and Lorin Brennan. The London office of Olswang gave us a room with a panoramic view, large enough to hold nearly 100 people, with coffee and biscuits too, for which we were all very grateful. Amazingly, the list of those attending incurred only four no-shows -- something of a record.

* The proceedings have been recorded and, assuming that the recording is audible, will be made available via this weblog to all who are interested.

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