Friday 26 September 2008

Royalty rate survey

IP Finance has received a request from Technology Transfer Tactics relating to a survey conducted by Eureka! Ranch. Readers may wish to participate in it. The Request runs as follows:

"We're looking for your opinion on what is the FAIR MARKET VALUE when licensing innovations.

In exchange for 5 minutes of your time we'll send you a copy of our findings, which you can use to help you estimate the relative value of prototypes, patents, etc.
The survey is being conducted by Eureka! Ranch International in partnership with the Kauffman Foundation, and you can access it by simply clicking on this link.

This data will be used to set a NATIONAL REFERENCE STANDARD for royalty rates in connection with a set of interconnected NATIONAL INNOVATION MARKETPLACES being developed in the USA, CANADA, UK and EU. Recently the Wall Street Journal and New York Times did feature stories on the initiative (click here for links to the articles).

By way of background - Eureka! Ranch International is a 30 year old innovation consulting firm that works with the likes of Nike, American Express, Ford, Procter & Gamble, and Hewlett Packard as well as industrial firms like Schlumberger, Dow Chemical and others. The USA National Innovation Marketplace is an alliance between Eureka! Ranch and the Manufacturing Extension Partnership Network (a Federal & State initiative).

The value of the survey depends on how many responses we get, so your help is greatly appreciated. In fact, please forward the survey to other people who have experience buying and/or selling innovations and the data will be even more useful".

IP Finance will do its best to keep up with subsequent developments concerning this initiative, and would like to hear from any readers who are actively involved in it (email here).

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