Tuesday 29 January 2008

Successful captaincy boosts sports star's brand valuation

The Economic Times, India, reports that 18 years after he first played cricket for India, spin-bowler Anil Kumble's brand value has rocketed. Said the joint MD of Percept Holdings, a company that has worked with many Indian sportstars:
"To be honest, all of us have always ignored Kumble, even when he became captain, and he didn’t have a huge valuation. However, he has added a new dimension to his resume - that of an outstanding leader in very serious circumstances - which is sure to make a huge difference to his brand valuation".
The article adds that Kumble’s career graphic bears a striking resemblance to his brand fortunes. Just as he never really got the recognition due from cricket fans, he had also been the forgotten man of Indian cricket when it came to celebrity endorsement and his brand value always remained relatively low. additionally,
"Bowlers in any case do not get as much as batsmen - unfortunately that’s the way advertisers perceive endorsement deals".

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Darren Olivier said...

As an avid cricket fan and having spent some time working as inhouse counsel at a sports company I can endorse that bowlers can toil all day and never get the financial recognition their efforts deserve, relative to batsmen. In part this is simply because they don't regularly brandish the endorsement weapon that arract the close up tv, and the cash - the cricket bat.