Thursday, 8 December 2016

China Sends a Message: Invest in Me

In recent posts (here and here), I have discussed China’s increased protection of intellectual property rights.  Recently, Ian Harvey, the chair of the IP Center Advisory Board at Tsinghua University x Lab in Beijing, sent me his excellent paper on China’s IP law.  Notably, his paper outlines how China’s enforcement of intellectual property has improved and does not deserve its past reputation.  Powerpoint slides relating to his paper are available, here

Recently, China’s Supreme People’s Court issued a ruling recognizing Michael Jordan’s rights to his name in Chinese characters.  This decision sends a powerful message both in China and outside China that intellectual property rights will be respected.  Importantly, this is the enforcement of IP rights that were arguably not secured by Michael Jordan in China and there are strong reliance interests by the Chinese company.  I believe the symbolic importance of this decision cannot be overstated.  Interestingly, there are more reports concerning venture capital moving from the United States to Europe and China because of recent developments in U.S. intellectual property law, such as the Alice decision. What will be Donald Trump's reaction?  For more on the decision, please see the New York Times article, Michael Jordan Owns Right to His Name in Chinese Characters, Too, Court Rules

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