Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Upcoming Oxfirst Webinar--Rt Hon. Professor Sir Robin Jacob Defending Patents

Our good friend, Dr. Roya Ghafele, has let us know that Oxfirst is offering another very exciting and timely free webinar.  The webinar is titled, “Patents Work: don’t erode the patent incentive.”  Here is a description of the talk:

In recent years the patent system has come under increasing scrutiny from a host of different scholars. These critiques have been taken up by Competition authorities and Supreme courts. Not understanding the full value proposition of the patent system, poses a danger to innovation.

The webinar is led by the distinguished Rt Hon. Professor Sir Robin Jacob, the Sir Hugh Laddie Chair at University College London and will be held on January 20, 2016 at 15.00 BST.  A brief bio for the Rt. Hon. Professor Sir Robin Jacob states:

The Rt Hon. Professor Sir Robin Jacob, was as Lord Justice Jacob a judge in the Court of Appeal of England and Wales.

He retired from the Court of Appeal in March 2011 (acknowledged in a valedictory address before a court-room packed with well-wishers) to take up his current position as the Sir Hugh Laddie Chair in intellectual property at University College London

He read Natural Sciences (physics) at Trinity College Cambridge (1960-1963) and law at the LSE (1963-1967). He was called to the Bar by Gray’s Inn in 1965 (Treasurer 2007). He was appointed a High Court Judge in 1993 and to the Court of Appeal in 2003.

He was admitted to the IP Hall of Fame in 2006.

Given the number of critiques of the patent system, see for example, here, it is very important to hear the “other side” of the coin.  While I don’t believe the patent system (and the overall global innovation system) is perfect, of course, technological innovation does seem to keep moving along—although there are important distributive justice issues.    

The hosts further note that, “Please register with your professional email account. We cannot allow attendees to sign up with private accounts (such as yahoo or gmail accounts).”

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