Friday 19 December 2014

STR-IP takes off

According to a media release recently received by this blogger concerning STR-IP -- that stands for "Startup-IP Program -- a new product from Foresight Valuation Group (an intellectual property strategy and startup advisory business). This is
" ... a new initiative aimed at helping technology startups build an IP portfolio that is aligned with their business goals and that would enhance their valuation. STR-IP is particularly important for startups in IP-rich industries ranging from the Internet of Things (IoT) segments such as wearables, automotive and home automation, to material sciences such as Nanotechnology. Foresight’s capabilities at the nexus of technology, IP and valuation, as well as its location in Silicon Valley, uniquely position it to help startups build an IP portfolio that would assist with their overall market success.

New patent laws in the US under the “First to File” regime, recent Supreme Court decisions, as well as the increased risk of patent litigation, make it absolutely critical for a startup to start building its IP portfolio as early as possible. Foresight’s STR-IPTM program provides startups with a structured approach to aligning their IP strategy with their business model and financial projections.
This is a brainchild of Efrat Kasznik (Foresight’s president and founder, Lecturer on IP strategy at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and a one-time guest contributor to IP Finance); we shall be keeping an ear out for news of STR-IP's progress,

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