Sunday 17 February 2008

What is IP value all about?

In a post last week, this weblog reviewed the most recent issue of Intellectual Asset Management, adding:
"Accompanying this issue is a 245 page supplement, IP Value 2008: Building and Enforcing Intellectual Property Value that contains an impressively wide range of contributions, many of which have only tangential relevance to IP value".
IP Finance has since received an email from IAM's highly respected editor Joff Wild, who writes:
"Thanks for the write-up on the latest IAM on the IP Finance Blog and also the mention for IP Value 2008. Of course, I would disagree that many of its chapters have only a tangential relationship with the book title, as most of the articles deal with enforcing IP rights in one way or another - and if you cannot enforce an IP right there is no IP value! However, your readers might be interested to know that IP Value 2008 is available online at, so they can decide for themselves".
In a technical, literal sense, Joff is right: if IP has value, then any chapter on any aspect of IP may be described as a chapter on 'IP Value'. But I think we've reached the stage at which the words "IP Value" have a secondary meaning and that, when we encounter them, there is an expectation that they relate to something to do with IP valuation, leveraging or the like.

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